Tailored Insurance for Musicians

Protect your investment now with affordable cover from Australia’s most trusted Musical Equipment Insurer

*Note this applies to Musical Equipment claims only

Insurance designed for all musicians – from beginners to professionals. Our specialist musical equipment insurance protects your valuable equipment and we understand the need for timely replacement or repair. It’s never been easier to protect your musical equipment.

Our specialist staff have over 20 years’ experience insuring musicians, teachers, retailers and producers, so we’ll have a suitable policy for you. Contact us today.



From classical instruments to DJ equipment, music enthusiasts to avid performers, AIS can help. Our specialised policy for musical instrument insurance is insured through Lloyd’s of London and includes cover for:

  • Classical Instruments such as a piano; violin; cello; flute; clarinet; saxophone
  • Band equipment such as Guitar; Bass; drums; keyboards
  • DJ Equipment
  • Choir or Orchestra
  • Electronic equipment such as PA Systems; Microphones; Laptops; leads
  • Personal musical equipment collections


  • Musicians
  • Retailers
  • Music Teachers
  • Orchestras
  • Studio Producers
  • Instrument Repairers
  • DJs
  • Musical Societies
  • Young Musicians & Students
  • Bands
  • Buskers

Extensive protection and a simple claims process. To find out how to claim, speak with our friendly team today.



1Offer extensive protection
2Cover all musical instruments and music related equipment
3High service standards and value insurance
4You'll deal with real people – who really care
5Repair or replacement of your lost or damaged instrument

What we cover

What We Cover Classical Instruments Australia & New Zealand wide Studio Only
Fire, burglary, storm damage, earthquake
Theft from location
Theft from locked vehicles following forced entry
Accidental loss & damage to equipment
Transit loss & damage
New for Old replacement regardless of age of equipment (limited to the sum insured)
Theft from location
Theft from locked vehicles following forced entry
Accidental loss & damage to equipment
Transit loss & damage
New for Old replacement regardless of age of equipment (limited to the sum insured)

* Worldwide coverage excludes all countries on the "Do Not Travel" and "Reconsider Your Need to Travel" lists as detailed by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Travel website http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/

Note: This foregoing is only a brief summary of the cover and you are advised to read the Policy Document closely for full details. The Policy Document is available for inspection upon request or from our website www.aisinsurance.com.au. Cover will not attach until the application is accepted and premium paid.

Instruments we insure

  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Cello
  • Saxophone
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Drum
  • Music
  • Harp
  • Accordion
  • DJ Equipment
  • Early Music Instrument
  • Double Bass
  • Brass Musical Instrument & Accessory
  • Musical Equipment
  • Studio Insurance

Here at AIS Musical Equipment Insurance our comprehensive musical instrument insurance is designed for musicians and their instruments. Contact us for musical instrument insurance Australia wide.

Tailored Musical Equipment Insurance Australia Wide

From instrument insurance to musician insurance, we here at AIS Musical Equipment Insurance are proud to deliver scalable, tailored solutions for those involved in the music and recording industries.

Our experts have 20 years' experience in the industry and will sit down and discuss your options with you and tailor a specific musical instrument insurance policy designed to meet your individual needs. Whether you're a concert pianist, an amateur guitar player, or a professional DJ, our musical instrument insurance Australia wide policies will protect you and your assets from damage, theft, or loss.

Contact the team at AIS today to discuss your options and find the right musical equipment insurance for you.

Instrument Insurance & Musician Insurance

Guitars, violins, pianos, recording equipment. At AIS, we cover it all.

Our musical instrument insurance packages are quite extensive, and we'll take the time necessary to customise a policy that covers your specific needs. We cover all professionals in the industry, from retailers to orchestras, studio producers and even bands and buskers. Anyone involved in the industry at any level will benefit from the coverage we provide.

At AIS, we understand that accidents can happen. Your instrument is a valuable investment, so it's important to protect yourself from misfortune with a quality musical instrument insurance policy. Contact our friendly team today for the most comprehensive musical instrument insurance Australia has to offer.